Mole Valley Farmers: Door Drop Campaign

Mole Country Stores, a new way of shopping.

The Client:

Mole Valley Farmers are the largest agricultural supplier in the UK, with 50 retail stores throughout the country.  Chalk & Ward Advertising manage the entire door drop process, to include creative, media planning and web print procurement.  We work closely alongside the Client’s internal marketing teams to ensure a slick process.  We have been working with Mole Valley Farmers for over 10 years and have a very successful partnership with each other.

The Challenge:

How do you make a relatively basic medium (door drop) into a sophisticated and highly targeted communications tool?

We are constantly analysing and reviewing ways to improve targeting techniques of the door drop.  We want it to work as hard as possible, ensuring best ROI for our Client.  So we proposed something that not only hits a certain demographic of customer but also indexes their frequency of shop and level of spend.

Mole Valley Farmers Door Drop Campaign

The Result: Door Drop Campaign

By collecting data at the point of sale transaction we could overlay findings onto the existing distribution schedule.  This allowed us to see clearly where customers were coming from, how much they were spending, whether they were currently targeted and by what method, as well as revealing new pockets of customers and any shifts in MOSAIC types.

All wastage was stripped out, therefore, improving RO.  It allowed the Client to see where customers of frequent shop and high spend live. Furthermore, ensuring additional communications to those sectors were pushed to maximise sales. Overall, the stores saw new faces; and an increase in both transactions and basket spend.

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