Mole Valley Farmers: SCATS Rebrand Video Animation

Scats Country Stores rebrand animation

The Client

Part of the Mole Valley Farmers group of companies, SCATS Countrystores is a chain of 18 country retailers based throughout the south and south east. Bought in 2001 by Mole Valley Farmers, SCATS has a heritage going back over 60 years.

The Challenge

With the expansion of the Mole Valley Farmers’ portfolio of retailers across the country, the strategic decision was taken to rebrand the SCATS Countrystores across the south and south east to the newly formed Mole Country Stores that have been successfully launched across the north of England. In order to sell the concept of the rebrand in to the store managers, we were tasked with putting together a promotional video to help the executive team at their presentation. The two minute video animation aims to engage with the store mangers by highlighting the significant benefits and future developments of the Mole Country Stores brand.  We deliberately utilised a soft, illustrative animation style that would help to allay any reservations about the rebrand.

Scats Country Stores rebrand animation

The Result

Internal engagement on any rebrand project is of course vital; everybody in an organisation needs to understand what is to be achieved and why. Thanks to the impactful nature of the video animation we put together the relevant store managers have thoroughly embraced the developments and the full portfolio of store redesigns are due for completion in 2015.

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