P&O Cruises: TV Advertising Campaign

A TV ad that oozed luxury and prestige. The perfect combination for P&O

The Client

P&O Cruises first set sail in 1837 and have been a staple of British tourism ever since. With 7 ships, P&O offer cruises to all ages from the UK to a host of destinations.

The Challenge

This was a self-initiated brief to help the client save money, increase control and manage consistency of brand positioning in the market nationally. P&O Cruises had a substantial budget for ‘retail support’, through travel agents, divided up and handed to each agent across the UK to promote P&O. Each agent then did their own thing, generally on TV advertising, sometimes poorly and certainly not consistent with the national brand positioning. We pro-actively approached the client suggesting; “Why don’t you let us create a centrally produced, high quality ad, where you can control the content, the message, the branding and the finances? We can tailor the end caption and V/O for each agent, so they end up with a great looking ad and you control the content? Not to mention the cost-efficiency of a far more powerful media buying capability due to centralising it.”  Of course the client was delighted! We worked with over 20 agents across the country, including national players, such as Thomas Cook and Lunn Poly, to agree their own messages and offers. Then produced a single premium ad in line with the brand positioning and adapted it for each agent.

The Result: TV Advertising Campaign

A phenomenal success. The agents saved money on advertising as they didn’t have to produce their own ads. They gained more airtime due to centralised buying. The client eradicated the poor quality ads, controlled the brand and how it was portrayed, and increased their bang per buck! Significant increase in ROI was the result.


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