Purple Balm: ‘We Understand’ Carer’s Recruitment Radio Campaign

Purple Balm Radio Advertising

The Client

Purple Balm is a nursing and care provider based in Exeter and Truro. They offer nursing, care and support services across the South West. From 24 hour care to Rapid Response, Purple Balm provide qualified, kind staff to families that need assistance.

The Challenge

Purple Balm asked us to help them drive their recruitment marketing. Part of this campaign was a series of engaging and empathetic radio ads aimed at ‘softly’ selling the opportunities for carers, with or without qualifications, to utilise Purple Balm’s mentoring skills. We spoke with current staff members to discover more about what stands them apart from other care agencies, fundamentally it came down to their fantastic training. Through understanding Purple Balm’s core values we were able to create a radio ad and social media campaign that used real case study style scenarios to engage with our particular audience.

Purple Balm Logo

The Radio Recruitment Campaign Result:

The result was a highly successful recruitment drive and valuable awareness of the Purple Balm brand in the South West.

Listen to the radio ad: 

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