Van Guard: Radio Production

Van Guard Radio Campaign

The Client:

Van Guard design and manufacture van accessories and storage solutions for all makes and models of commercial vans available in today’s marketplace. They invest significantly in design, production and technology in order to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of their customers.

The Challenge:

Chalk & Ward Advertising were tasked to generate brand awareness of Van Guard’s leading roof bar the “Ulti Bar” to the core target audience – the “white van man”.

The Result: Radio Campaign

Our recommendation was to run a high OTH, high frequency radio campaign on TalkSPORT covering a period of time that would include the new vehicle registration. We knew this was a perfect medium to reach the TA; however, a successful campaign requires both effective media planning and an impactful creative concept.

The Client was confident their product was far superior to any of its competitors; however, to make such a claim we had to prove it! Therefore, prior to reviewing the creative treatment we undertook in-depth telephone research with key distributors who sell the “Ulti Bar” and its leading competitive product.  The results were compelling and after analysis (and with RACC approval of course!) we were able to make bold, strong claims in the radio treatment that the “Ulti Bar” was the best in the market.

We wanted to engage with the TalkSPORT listener by creating a concept that would reflect the values of the station and interests of its listeners. We produced a football phone in ad with a fun reveal at the end. A focus group of white van men confirmed it was an effective use of airspace!

Results have proven positive with sales being the highest to date since the launch of the product.

Listen to the ad here:

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