Wiltshire Farm Foods: TV Campaign

Wiltshire Farm Foods

The Client

Wiltshire Farm Foods manufacture and sell frozen, ready-made meals, predominantly to the elderly or the homebound and are the UK market leader. We found that spend levels had reached an optimum level in the “grey market” titles and national Sunday supplements.  Increasing spend didn’t increase sales proportionately and the market was becoming saturated. How were we going to achieve sales growth? The question was becoming trickier! What were we going to do next?

The Challenge

Never used before, we advised the client to test television advertising. With the elderly market sitting in front of their televisions, we knew the client would benefit from the low TV rating spots at that time of day. They could achieve High Impact, High Frequency and Low Cost (the utopia in ad circles!) – all they had to do was give us the opportunity to test the medium. We pushed hard for a national quality production even if it was only a test. The food had to look good, we had to get the messages across, explain the concept and all in 60 seconds!

The Result: TV Campaign

To say the campaign worked is an understatement. The client practically required a new production plant overnight. Since the initial treatment, we’ve produced two further TV ads and the brand is now huge – the jewel in the crown of the European based food giant – apetito Group.

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