As an agency we like to get out and about and that means making time for going to see inspiring speakers, like Mary Portas! Live streamed from the British Library to our local library in Exeter, we were able to hear all about her latest book ‘Work Like A Woman’.

If your company is looking to increase exposure, upkeep its reputation, improve brand awareness, and engage with its audience, you might be considering advertising or public relations as a method to achieving this.

If Google is not for you, here are some search engine alternatives…

MD of Chalk & Ward, Robert Chalk, tells us why the role of creativity is on the up, after several years in the doldrums.

A brand is more than just a logo.

Chalk + Ward’s Paul Concannon interviews our Creative Director Alister Tickle to learn about his career, tap into his deep reservoir of experience and discover how he sees the future for high-end creative.

The shift of print vs digital media.

We recognise that agency people and values provide the foundations for a world-class client experience. So, earlier in 2018, the whole team at Chalk + Ward embarked on a ‘Core Values’ exercise to take a comprehensive look at our culture.

With consumer behaviour being harder to predict then ever before, here at Chalk + Ward we’ve developed an approach to evaluate each store on its own individual merit. By undertaking an extensive audit covering everything from location to product to people, we make sure our retail clients are putting the right product on the, shelves.

You have to spend money to make money…