Ensuring pan-European or global marketing strategies work effectively across multiple cultures and markets is no easy task and can be fraught with danger.

Having global marketing capabilities isn’t something most independent agencies or their clients require but at Chalk & Ward we are fortunate we do. In fact we have a number of global clients.

The normal, somewhat expensive route for such clients is to use the services of global marketing agencies so in marketing circles, the big name agencies. Apart from the vast expense, there can be another serious downside to working in this way. We call it ‘the rotten apple offices’, so the offices in one or more country that aren’t that good, don’t care to the same extent as the lead office, who try to make out their country is ‘different’ and the global concept “just won’t work here”, who’s staff don’t really like being part of the global agency but are forced to because their former owner sold it and made his fortune, or a mixture of all the above. Buy into the group and clients have no option but to make do with the rotten apples.

Chalk & Ward are members of TAAN Worldwide

We belong to TAAN – the oldest and one of the largest agency groups in the world. All the agencies are independent and all are owner-managed. All have passed stringent approval processes to be allowed to join. All have to prove functional conditions such as financial stability and quality of resources, but more importantly they must all have the right client-servicing values and work ethos. What’s more, they constantly have to prove these standards are adhered to. Let them slip and membership ends, pure and simple!

So all 51 agencies across 32 countries are the best independent agencies in their respective countries and continuously have to demonstrate it.

For over 30 years Taan has had members and affiliates in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Today, every member agency is involved in global marketing to some degree and Taan members are positioned to assist them wherever they need to go.

All global marketing efforts eventually must succeed on a local level. Understanding local customs, answering local needs and speaking local languages is what Taan is all about. Throughout the world we offer experience and local know-how to help clients appeal to local customers’ wants and needs. And to do so efficiently, economically and intelligently.

The benefits of being part of an international network go well beyond providing branch office services. Taan members are kept aware of world market changes and the cultural and business differences that exist between countries.

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