Aidcall: New Product Advertising Campaign

Aidcall print advertising product launchAidcall Product Advertising CampaignAidcall product advertising launch campaign
Project Overview

Aidcall are a company who provide call systems to the elderly and those that require nursing assistance. We were asked to create an impactful advertising campaign for Aidcall which stood out from the crowd, in order to compete with its competitor products which were 50% cheaper. Not an easy task but one which we thoroughly enjoyed searching for the USP in order to produce a campaign which delivered results.

We discovered (through some unconventional testing, also known as throwing it on the floor with force) that the product was much stronger than its counterparts, so we drew upon this and paired it with how the elderly view themselves – they are often strong, both physically and in mind. We wanted to remind them that we felt the same way about them and reassure them that having an aidcall wasn’t a sign of weakness but a sign of strength in itself; after all, it takes strength to ask for help.

From concept to delivery our team were completely invested, passionate and challenged by it, we thoroughly researched the product and the target market to ensure that this campaign was a success for both the client and the customer. The product advertising campaign was extremely efficacious and continues to be a campaign to which we refer and that we are extemely proud of.

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