We have a combined media buying resource of over £100m. By partnering with national media houses, we put all our volume spend together, achieve the best possible advertising schedules and pass the savings on to you!  We only work with the best, most credible media partners, all of which we have long-standing, relationships with.

For example, we use a specific media buyer for radio. They buy radio, all day, every day. So, whether the requirement is straight airtime, sponsorships or promotions, we’ll ensure you get the most effective radio package. We can confidently say you won’t be able to buy better by going direct!  For South West Co-op, we demonstrated a saving of a whopping 47% on their radio schedules – consequently, we won the entire advertising account.

The same approach is adopted for TV and national press.  We use specialists in their field of media, so we can tap into their resource and guarantee our clients the best media package.

It’s not just about buying at the lowest rate: The most important element to campaign success is planning. There is no point in buying low cost media if the space is not maximised and does not target the right people in the right way.

We have access to industry leading planning tools and we continually test and analyse to see how the target audience are consuming media and responding to a campaign.  We are passionate about measuring results and helping your campaign achieve its objectives.