Creating a successful Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is an art as much as it is a science. It requires creativity to compose compelling ads, an analytical mind to make sure they appear in the right places and deep strategic digital knowledge to create a relevant landing environment on your website.

At Chalk & Ward Advertising we believe in trust and transparency with clients, where we are given free reign to test, adapt, improve and test again in order to ensure that only the best results are achieved. To do this we believe that formulating a robust strategy is essential, regardless of setting up a new PPC campaign or taking over an existing account.

Working with a variety of clients across a bespoke range of campaigns, our PPC specialists currently manage over half a million pounds (£) worth of budgets a year. As a result of this, before we commence any PPC activity for a client we carry out a clearly defined audit of existing campaigns, which allows us to get to your requirements and objectives, including:

  • Analysis and research into keywords to ensure we are targeting the right keywords
  • Establish if any sites are suitable for managed placements
  • Define initial PPC campaign settings
  • Set up tracking, analytics and conversions to measure performance against ROI
  • Establish client expectations and requirements
  • Audit existing account
  • Establish key message points in PPC ads (search, display and call)
  • Implement all variables listed above and launch PPC campaign/s
  • Provide continual review process and management of accounts as well as providing on-going performance reports
  • Highlight new tools and techniques

Establishing your PPC requirements and objectives is essential before undertaking any activity. If we do not have clear objectives of what our clients want, we will never be able to review our activity and results properly and more importantly we will never be able to measure our results based on our client’s expectations.

It is vital that all activity is constantly tracked and measured. From the start we establish the cost per acquisition (CPA) for PPC activity as this provides the most tangible results compared to cost, clicks and impressions.

Our ongoing PPC review process allows us to make tweaks, changes and refinements whilst at all times fully communicating with our clients.


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