Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing visibility of web pages in a search engine’s ‘organic’ listings. However, as search algorithms frequently change and become increasingly smart to SEO tactics, keywords that once were a reliable source for determining website ‘ranking’ are now becoming less so and new strategies need to be incorporated in order to maintain these rankings. At Chalk & Ward our digital marketing team we ensure we keep thoroughly up-to-date with the latest SEO developments and techniques to ensure your brand remains high up the listings.

SEO encompasses more than just your generic web search, it includes images, location, video search and more. Depending on your product or service some of these searches will be more valuable than others. We undertake in-depth research to understand who you want to attract to your website and by analysing your site we are able to determine current performance as well as highlighting areas of concern. Testing, tracking, analysing, measuring and responding to industry changes, distribution methods and user experience allow us to know what is working digitally and suggest appropriate SEO strategies for going forward.

SEO has regenerated to focus more heavily on website traffic, page visits, bounce rates and the overall user experience on a website, it’s not just about being first on Google but the overall brand presence online.

Do you know how well your site is performing and where you rank for target keywords? To discuss SEO marketing in more detail, contact our digital team.

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