Visitors to a website make a decision on a site within the very first few seconds. In that time you need to be confident you are giving your customers all the tools they need to find the information they require. That first impression of your website is your customer’s first impression of you.

At Chalk & Ward Advertising, our website design and development team understand the importance of your customer’s experience. The digital arena is ever-changing and we are passionate about seeking out and evaluating the latest technologies to improve your website and more importantly your customer’s experience.

We work closely with you from the start of a project to understand the content you wish to display and how you want your customers to engage and interact with your site. Our website design and development team work together to create cutting edge, stylish websites that not only look fantastic, but employ the latest technologies that are accessible to all.

We also design, build and develop various standalone projects including multilingual websites, e-commerce websites, apps, extranets, online stock management systems and integrations with CRM systems.

As a matter of course, all our websites are built with SEO best practice at every stage, so from day one your website will not only be search engine friendly but also user friendly.

Our work doesn’t stop when we set your site live. We’ll look at continual upgrades and improvements that are essential to ensure a positive on-going user experience. We’ll keep you up to speed with new features to ensure your website remains up to date and continues to exceed expectations.