Good marketing strategy stems from detailed customer insight that challenges conventional thinking. The end goal has to achieve improved results, whether that’s increasing brand awareness or client sales. It’s not complicated, yet although many marketing companies claim to do it, very few actually do!

We achieve this by employing people who are willing to challenge and innovate: Our client-facing account handlers are either advertising or former client-side marketing professionals, many of whom we have attracted from different parts of the UK. The same goes for the creative, PR and digital experts who work at Chalk & Ward Advertising: They only get to be part of our team if they can demonstrate exceptional abilities and a willingness to challenge thinking.

Our abilities in marketing consultancy have led to us being taken on as a bolt-on resource, or even as the out-sourced marketing department, for many of the larger or more pioneering firms in the South West. Most are national or international leaders in their fields so need to be confident in the abilities of their agency. The outside perspective we bring is free from the potential constraints of internal politics or working processes. We’ll tell it straight if it’s needed!

We’re regularly engaged by clients to manage research, carry out strategic audits or purely consult on marketing-led issues.

We also specialise in brand strategy, so everything from creating a new product brand name that’s right for the target market, to designing international global brand consistency and positioning guidelines. A brand is more than a logo. It is the way the client’s firm or products are perceived by its audience; the way it should behave, its core values and how it communicates internally and externally. We cover the following:

  • Marketing consultancy & strategic planning
  • Outsourced marketing
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Profiling and segmentation
  • Digital strategy
  • Integrated campaigns
  • PR & event management