When a crisis hits, your response needs to be instinctive. Making sure crisis plans work in today’s society is crucial to dealing with a crisis successfully.

The internet has allowed everyone to speak out about a story, and can make an issue globally accessible in an instant. Indeed over a quarter of crises spread nationally or even internationally within an hour. Without a plan in place and a means of sourcing information fast, businesses often take too long to respond. The business impact of this delay can be irreparable.

At Chalk & Ward PR, our team has a proven record of protecting the most important, yet fragile, organisational asset: reputation.

We have experience working with large companies such as Cadbury, Visa and LV=, as well as regional businesses such as Rotolok (Drake’s Island) and Buckfast Abbey.

We can advise businesses, nonprofits, government entities and high-profile individuals on how best to tackle a range of preparedness, reputational and communications challenges.


  • Crisis preparation – undertaking a reputation risk and issue audit (‘horizon scanning’)
  • Reviewing internal processes and expertise – including crisis plans and procedures
  • Immediate response plans and support in the event of a crisis
  • Key stakeholder management, including media, financial, political and regulatory
  • Social media strategy and monitoring
  • Opinion and reputation monitoring and tracking
  • Rebuilding external confidence in brand and management competence
  • Identifying lessons learnt and implementing changes as required
  • Media training

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