A Change of Space – Our trip to the Moon

Team C+W took a little time out from our busy schedules to pay a visit to the amazing Museum of the Moon at Exeter Cathedral. And, to celebrate Random Act of Kindness Day we were treated to a delicious dinner at the fabulous Hub Box in Exeter afterwards!

Jenna Rees - Account Executive
Chalk + Ward Group Photo With Moon at Exeter Cathedral

Museum of the Moon

We’re a hard-working bunch at Chalk + Ward but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun too! Something that has always been very important to us in making sure The Team gets time out to relax, bond and do something interesting. When we saw that the Museum of the Moon was coming our client, Exeter Cathedral, we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate being back in the office (again!).

The Museum of the Moon is an exhibit designed by artist Luke Jerram which features a seven-metre diameter replica of the Earth’s Moon, using high-resolution imagery taken by NASA. At a scale of 1:500,000, each centimetre represents approximately 5km of the surface. It started its life at the Natural History Museum in London and is now on tour around the UK.

It’s not until you see it up close that you get the full experience. Hanging from the ceiling of the stunning Exeter Cathedral the detail and sheer size of the structure is awe-inspiring. We were also lucky enough to have booked a spot during organ practice, with the beautiful melodic tunes adding even more of an emotive atmosphere.

Moon Facts

Here’s three things we learnt about the Moon on our trip: –

  1. The Moon gets beaten up. A lot. It’s not until you see its cratered surface up close and in detail that you realise just how much of a cosmic battering the Moon gets. Pockmarked with millions of craters, all different depths, and sizes, you get a really good idea of what the Moon goes through without the protection of an atmosphere (like we have on Earth, lucky us!)
  2. The capitalisation of ‘Moon’ is deeply contentious. Google search ‘is the moon capitalized’ and you’ll find a great many articles all discussing whether ‘moon’ should be written with a capital ‘M’. While good arguments are made on either side, we’ve gone with the capital when referring to ‘The Moon’ as that’s how it’s written in the NASA guidelines.
  3. The Moon is just over one-quarter of the size of Earth. It’s also the fifth largest Moon in our solar system.
Earth and moon from space
Image Credit: Universe Today

A Random Act of Kindness

Random Act of Kindness Day happens each year to promote awareness of how a little kindness can go a long way. By carrying out a random act of kindness you could be making someone’s day, which perhaps, in turn, could cause that person to do their own random act of kindness, and so the chain starts.

After our trip to The Museum of the Moon, we were taken out to the fabulous Hub Box in Exeter for scrumptious burgers and a beer or two! We highly recommend it!

An official national day is a great way to recognise and pay our respects to something but perhaps we can all spread a little bit of kindness each day, as we always say it’s the small things in life that make a huge difference!