It’s game, set and match for Robinsons!

tennis ball on court

Since 1935, Robinsons and Wimbledon have been the perfect doubles partners, so it came as a surprise to hear their 86-year brand sponsorship came to an end last week! Lisa Prescott – Director Robinsons end 86-year partnership with Wimbledon If you’re an All England Tennis Club fan, then you’ll know Robinsons are synonymous with the […]

Less is more – simplicity in design

burger king logo rebrand

We hone in on simplicity in graphic design, specifically branding and UX design. Exploring why this minimalistic approach can be beneficial, and what leading examples there are. Imogen Belton – Mid-Weight Graphic Designer Minimalism “In its most stripped-down definition, minimalism is about designers expressing only the most essential and necessary elements of a product or […]

Is Billboard Marketing Making a Comeback?

Nike billboard

Many of us may not think of a billboard as an exciting and modern way of advertising but recent developments in billboard technology, combined with some out-of-the box thinking by marketers have turned the humble billboard into a newsworthy campaign tool. All over LinkedIn, the community is applauding imaginative and creative concepts by agencies and […]

Public relations and the invasion of Ukraine

However uncomfortable it can make companies to discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine publicly, it isn’t something they should shy away from doing. It’s a humanitarian disaster and a tragedy – being played out on social media and in the news – and, the impact of the invasion on UK businesses and consumers is far-reaching. […]

P&O Ferries Public Relations Disaster

P&O Ferries

P&O Ferries sacked 800 workers without any notice or consultation, leading to a public outcry and a major public relations disaster. Laura Dale – PR Account Manager What happened? This month, P&O Ferries have been the creators of their own public relations disaster – and the more they talk, the worse it gets. This situation […]

The International Women’s Day Campaigns that got us all talking

Two women looking into microscope

This year’s International Women’s Day was bigger than ever. Here’s some of our favourite campaigns that really got us thinking! Jenna Rees – Account Executive Break the Bias International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 8th March and aims not only to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women but also […]

Monopolizing on mental health for book sales

Brandon Sanderson, world-famous international fantasy author, has received a frosty response to his latest video announcement.  He went to his YouTube channel last night to let fans know about his new 5 novels written during the pandemic which would be available to fans from 2023.  So why wasn’t this received well you may ask?! Jen […]