The New Meta Architecture

Meta Logo

Welcome to the Metaverse You will surely have heard by now that Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook is to become ‘Meta’ and he’s seemingly very excited about a future in which we all socialise in a virtual world called the Metaverse. I must admit, this doesn’t sound at all appealing to me – having […]

Our favourite Halloween 2021 marketing campaigns

Heinz Tomato Blood Advert - mummy hand holding bottle

It’s that spooky time of year again, and with the evenings drawing in, the return of atmospheric misty mornings and leaves beginning to fall, our thoughts are turning to the creepiest holiday of the year – Halloween! Not only is this a prime opportunity to dress up in our most ghastly garments and terrorise our […]

What got us all talking this month?

boy with paint on his face in John Lewis let life happen advert

Well, it wasn’t just our official return to the office that got us all talking this month (as an aside it’s so nice to have the full team back twice a week!). No, it was John Lewis who well and truly did that! Their latest offering got us all stirred up, read on to hear […]

Client Spotlight: Tri-Wall praised for leading role in vaccine programme

Keith Dunn, Gavin Peters, David Davies and Peter Fox.

The global packaging business based in Wales, has been hailed for helping to lead the world out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Tri-Wall, with its UK head office based in Monmouth and six sites across the UK, continues to play an important role in the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine programme. As a leading supplier of […]

Netflix by Roald Dahl

With Netflix buying the rights to Roald Dahl, the iconic Wonka Bar with just enough of a reveal to show audiences that if you buy a subscription to Netflix, you will have won the golden ticket of content to include all of Roald Dahl’s back catalogue.

Lisa Prescott celebrates 15 years at Chalk + Ward

Lisa Prescott

Chalk + Ward’s Client Services Director, Lisa Prescott, is celebrating 15 years with the company. Normally, we would have had a celebration in the agency to mark this great achievement, but we have had to put that off for a while because of the current health crisis PR Account Manager, Kathryn Kelly, asked Lisa to […]

I can’t believe it’s not clickbait

Computer Mouse

Google announces a ban and crackdown on clickbait style ads. Abigail Crisp | Digital Account Executive Clickbait ads policy As of July, Google is introducing a Clickbait Ads policy in order to crack down on misleading or pressurised advertising. It is describing these types of ads as: “ advertisement which uses sensationalist or clickbait text […]

Old Habits Vs New Ways – Shaping the future


Lockdown and social distancing measures have impacted massively on consumer behaviour, but what looks set to stay as we ease out of restrictions and lockdown is completely lifted? And what will our “new normal” behaviour look like? These are questions we can only hazard a guess at, but one thing is certain and that is […]

Thinking smarter with Google

chart user graphic

We take a look at the new resources Google have released to help businesses keep up with the ever-changing consumer behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic. Abigail Crisp | Digital Account Executive Rising retail categories Consumer behaviour has always been known to fluctuate throughout the days, weeks, and months of the year. This can largely (though […]