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Adopting current affairs for marketing campaigns

Jen Sutton, Account Manager

A Whopping success

Having your marketing campaigns centred around current affairs can be a great way to generate public interest and engagement. Burger King’s newest ad has been the topic of conversation as it pokes fun at the upcoming general election and previous campaigns run by political parties.

Advertising its most popular burger, Burger King’s advert stating, ‘another whopper on the side of a bus, must be an election’, mimics campaigns previously run during elections, most directly, the ‘whopping’ claims to be made surrounding Brexit. The clever ad was pasted onto a red bus and parked outside Westminster where it broke national news.

Whilst positioning your company within trending topics and current affairs can often be a clever tact, care must also be taken to avoid crossing a line which Burger King has also been a victim of. They recently came under scrutiny when they shared a tweet encouraging consumers to throw their milkshakes at Nigel Farage, the tweet was later deleted.

Utilising current trends is something to consider when creating marketing campaigns, though these can often have a short-shelf life. Whatever you decide, it is critical to maintain the appropriate level of your brand’s professionalism.

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