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Cereal Killer!

Cereal manufacturers are forced to rethink their packaging after they have come under fire for marketing unhealthy products at children.

Alister Tickle, Creative Director
Cartoon character 'Tony the Tiger' from Frosties cereal.

Is this the end for Tony the Tiger?

As a kid, cereal manufacturers would advertise using cartoon characters, often enticing children with the promise of a toy hidden amongst their sugary breakfast offerings. As a result, opening a new box of cereal each week was often an exciting household occurrence.

Those more innocent and naive times have gone, and cereal manufacturers and supermarkets have been forced to change their inappropriate practices. Influencing children in the hope of them pestering their parents to buy unhealthy food is frowned upon, particularly as we are encouraged to eat healthier as a nation.

Therefore, it is welcome news that in an effort to stop ‘pester power’, ASDA is following what has already been carried out by Lidl by removing all of the cartoon characters from 12 of their cereal packaging. These include high sugar content cereal characters such as Hippo from Honey Hoops as well as Choco Snaps’ green crocodile. They are also making efforts to reduce the sugar, fat and calorie content in many of their own label products (including cereal).

This is a positive move and no doubt others will soon follow. Some may say it should have happened a long time ago.

As a parent, I welcome any move to stop enticing my children into wanting things that are bad for them. Although, as someone looking back with rose tinted specs, my nostalgic side is a bit sad to think it might be the last call for the Honey Monster, Snap, Crackle and Pop and Tony the Tiger!

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