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How to Prepare Your 2020 Digital Marketing Strategy

Preparing your digital marketing strategy is a fundamental step in your business’ marketing plan. Throughout this blog I will be making suggestions for what to include in your 2020 digital marketing strategy to improve your overall digital presence.


Abigail Lange, Digital Account Manager

The First Steps

Your first step is to analyse your website’s current performance by signing into your Google Analytics account and selecting Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels. This will provide you with metrics including the number of users, sessions, bounce rates, session durations and traffic sources your website has received over a specific measurement of time. Once you have retrieved this data, you can go on to identify any spikes or dips in previous performance to help guide your 2020 digital marketing strategy.

Analytics Graph

Steps to Improve Your Overall Digital Presence

• Improve SEO efforts

The digital world is constantly evolving; to continue to compete with other industry leaders, you will need to keep on top of your SEO efforts. In 2020, more and more businesses will be competing to appear on the first page of Google search. Therefore, it is imperative that you aim to improve your keyword rankings, page and content optimisation in 2020 to generate further traction to your website.

• Utilise social media

Social media is an excellent tool that can allow you to engage with your audience whilst showcasing your products and services. Social media has now become synonymous with digital marketing, and as such, businesses are now expected to have a strong presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By utilising a mixture of social media channels, you will be able to expand your customer reach and establish a level of trust with your market by actively responding to business inquiries and feedback.

• Introduce interactive content

Introducing interactive content is an effective way of generating an increase in conversions by encouraging users to spend more time on-site. Galleries, contact forms, AI, polls, video content and 360° tours are all ways to further engage your audience whilst creating a more user-focused experience.


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