Is Billboard Marketing Making a Comeback?

Many of us may not think of a billboard as an exciting and modern way of advertising but recent developments in billboard technology, combined with some out-of-the box thinking by marketers have turned the humble billboard into a newsworthy campaign tool.

All over LinkedIn, the community is applauding imaginative and creative concepts by agencies and marketing teams designed to promote brands, entertainment and messages. The return of the billboard is seeing some next-level creations, each aiming to catch the attention of passers-by, which in some major areas, can result in the reach of tens of thousands of people per day.

Jenna Rees - Account Executive

Why are Billboards a Great Marketing Strategy?

In addition to the substantial reach potential, billboards and other Out of Home advertising techniques could be seen as the antidote to audience marketing fatigue, something that is particularly prominent in the digital sphere, where more and more users are able to switch off to the efforts of marketers trying to promote their products. An eye-catching physical visual can inspire attention in a world that’s flooded with messages.

And depending on the location and tech employed billboards can be relatively inexpensive compared to other reach platforms.

Nike billboard
Image Credit: Nike

What Makes an Awesome Billboard Campaign in 2022?

A great billboard campaign still needs to align with a brand’s identity and have an objective in mind, overall, it needs to tie in with the marketing strategy. However, the scope for organisations to make an impact with striking, empowering, and inspiring creations is huge. The world is your oyster and to make waves with a billboard it must make passersby think, below are a few of our favourite campaigns of late.

Peanut billboard
Image Credit: Peanut

Reframing Revolution by Peanut

The objective: to send a powerful message.

Peanut is an app that helps to connect women and create a safe space to discuss and find support for things like fertility treatment, pregnancy, and menopause. They took their compelling Reframing Revolution campaign to the streets with a design created to raise awareness of the lack of diversity and complete misrepresentation of women in healthcare marketing. Smashing down the archaic standardisation that all women are white, slim, and able-bodied, the billboard concept promoted the message of inclusivity out to women by highlighting the importance of representation.

BBC Billboards

The BBC Creative department has tapped into a whole new world of viral advertising with their inspired campaigns to promote upcoming shows. One design that demanded a great deal of attention was the Westfield-based board promoting the upcoming BBC Three series This is Going to Hurt. Combining flair and interactivity, the creation featured the title of the show spelt out with over 300 working pagers that flashed messages such as ‘labour ward’ and ‘sleep in car’. The design perfectly conceptualises the real-life stress that is faced daily by junior doctors.

Electronic billboards

Technology takes on the traditional billboard as Nike unveiled their innovative 3D display in Tokyo earlier this year. A relatively new invention, 3D billboards are now becoming more utilised by brands looking to project a hyper-modern image. The effect is a ‘the future is now’ type feel which works well for companies such as Nike, who aren’t slackers when it comes to adapting their brand marketing to the most up to date technologies.

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