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January Blues

Ann Daniels

A Polar explorer and world record holder, Ann was part of the first all-woman teams to ski to the North and South Poles. She has completed more than ten polar expeditions; the most recent expeditions saw Ann working with NASA and the European Space Agency to help scientists understand what is happening in the fragile Polar ice cap.

What is your top tip for mental wellbeing?

Time outside in nature, away from phones, computers and the outside world in general is good for mental wellbeing. There is so much pressure from outside forces – and in particular social media – to live a certain lifestyle and to look a certain way, which in many cases is unrealistic. Time to just be yourself in the wonderful world we live in is a great way to improve your wellbeing and remember what’s important to you.

Has your mental health ever made you feel vulnerable?

There have been many times I’ve had a mental health issue, but probably the worst time was when I was going through divorce and wondering how I was going to bring up three children on my own. I had very low self-esteem on top of the nuts and bolts of bringing children up. I was lucky enough to be referred to a physiologist through the national health and he helped me enormously to get through the worst of it.

Ann Daniels January Blues Profile
Ann Daniels January Blues Snow

What steps do you take to ensure good mental wellbeing?

I try and get eight hours sleep a day. I exercise regularly and try to eat healthily. I also take time out for my family – I have four children – and I make sure that when I’m with them I’m fully present and not buried deep into my phone or other distractions. Taking time to socialise and see friends is essential for my mental wellbeing; as is a good old fashioned walk in the fresh air.

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