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January Blues

Danny Southworth

Exeter Chiefs player

How do you cope with work stress and pressure?

Being a professional athlete there are many tough challenges and struggles I face on a day to day basis, which could affect my mental health. Surrounding yourself with positive people and being in an environment you feel comfortable in, is something that has helped me cope mentally and to be myself.

How do you combat being in a low mood?

Being with people you trust and feel happy talking to. Whenever I feel mental stress or pressure, I speak to people who can change my point of view and enhance my positivity.

I believe setting yourself small goals, whatever it may be in, is a great way to gain a sense of achievement. I try to do this within my career, so when you do achieve those goals it boosts your mental state and improves your mood. Just talking to anyone can really change your mental state because your stressors can really eat away at your thoughts and affect your mood, but there is always a bigger picture.

Danny Southworth January Blues Profile

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