January Blues

Gill Hayes

Speaker, writer and mental health campaigner

Have you ever suffered from mental ill health?

I’d always considered myself a strong, capable, go-getting, glass half full kind of person, never the ‘type’ to have mental health problems. When I realised I was suffering from depression, I was deeply ashamed and tried to hide my symptoms.

I learned the hard way that mental health problems affect people from all backgrounds – they do not discriminate. I paid a very high price for not reaching out sooner and for letting my depression escalate.  I almost paid for it with my life following a very serious suicide attempt.

What steps do you take to ensure good mental wellbeing?

Determined to ensure I never let myself reach crisis point again, I actively look after my mental health as actively as I look after my physical health. I know the early warning signs to look out for and have a plan in place to respond to those signs.

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