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January Blues

Kevin Betts

Kevin manages UK Recruitment for a University. He is also the Director of Run Things, a company that aims to marry the relationship between mental and physical health.

How do you cope with work stress and pressure?

I’m all about exercise. I work in a high pressure job and I need a vent. Exercise – and running in particular – allows me to choose whether to go out and be kind and gentle to my body or to absolutely push myself physically.

Have you ever suffered from ill mental health?

We all have! Mental health is just like physical health – we all catch colds, feel rough, get tonsillitis etc. It’s the same. We all have down days, anxious days or days where life just doesn’t click. I’m very fortunate never to have had a severe mental illness, though.

Kevin Betts January Blues Profile

What is your top tip for mental wellbeing?

Do what makes you happy. Learn to be imperfect. Know that you can’t please everyone. Use the aeroplane rule – just like with the oxygen masks, always care for your own mental wellbeing before others – then you can give others your full love and attention.

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