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January Blues

Lisa Prescott

Director at Chalk + Ward

What is your top tip for mental wellbeing?

Talking about – and sharing – how you feel is so important. When life seems overwhelming, or you feel a bit low, it’s sometimes difficult to see the wood from the trees. By reaching out to someone you trust, you can receive comfort, reassurance and perspective. Don’t ever feel you are a burden to somebody by needing to chat things through; if the roles were reversed, you would want your friend, colleague or family member to reach out to you, so make sure you seek some words of comfort whenever you need them.

Is there anything which puts you in a low mood?

Yes, lack of sleep can put me in a low mood because it makes me feel anxious, which in turn can trigger all sorts of irrational thinking because I don’t have a clear perspective. If I’ve not managed to get enough sleep, I must keep reminding myself that it’s nothing more than I’m simply tired and I need to get an early night. This is easier said than done when your head is racing, but practice makes perfect, and over time it does get easier to switch off the monkey mind and focus on the reality of the situation.

Lisa Prescott January Blues Profile

How do you combat being in a low mood?

When I find myself in need of some catch up ‘me’ time, all plans and anything on my ‘to do’ list are cancelled and I go straight home when I finish work. I switch off all mobile devices for the evening, relax in a hot bath, cook some nourishing food, get some uplifting music on and allow myself to completely unwind by forgetting about everything other than I am at home, safe and secure.

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