Mould or gold?

Burger King’ marketing department strike again, but have they missed the mark this time?

Hayley Oliver, Senior Account Manager

Moulding close up of Burger Kings 'Whopper'

Mouldy burger: triumph or turn off?

Burger King have a long standing history of headline hitting, tongue in cheek marketing stunts never shying away from a chance to take a dig at their main rival. From hijacking box office films to stealing customers with the Whopper Detour deals, they always have a way of dividing audiences. However their most recent attention seeking campaign may be enough to turn stomachs.

When you think of food advertising you think, oozing cheese and sexy voices overs, not with the new Burger King ad. In response to the age old ‘McDonalds never decomposes’ test they have developed a campaign to demonstrate how their burgers are only made with real ingredients. How? By showing a close up of a 35 day old Whopper, which is anything but mouthwatering. The mould-ridden meat patty and green fluffy burger certainly don’t have me craving food of any kind let alone a burger.

Yes, it grabs attention. Yes it makes a jab at McDonalds but does it get people rushing out for a Whopper? Does it increase sales or just put people off wanting a burger all together? I honestly think the latter.

In the past their stunts have been on the edge and pushed boundaries but have never compromised their product. Don’t get me wrong, the core message they are trying to communicate is positive however I think the execution will ultimately mean people miss that.

No matter what your thoughts are, you can’t deny its bold, fearless even if a bit gross. Me? I’m ordering a pizza.

*Image credit to adforum

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