Netflix buy Roald Dahl

Image credit: Netflix

The art of the reveal

Netflix has become a staple of many households, boasting an impressive 50% share of the global streaming market in Q1 (2021 bloomberg). With the rise of competitors such as Disney+, Amazon Prime and others it has become a saturated market in the world of subscription TV services. Having the deep pockets of Amazon and Disney at your disposal means they’ve been on a shopping spree of streaming rights and commissioning first-party content in recent years, as the race to be the top-choice streaming service continues at pace.

How then do you stay ahead of the competition and keep your viewers from switching between services as they please?

One such way is keeping your audience in suspense. With Netflix recently buying the rights to Roald Dahl for an estimated £500 million, you would think that shouting to the world with hundreds of different images and pages of pre-planned text would have flooded the media and become lost quickly with oversaturation. Netflix has decided to go down a simpler path with one evocative advertising treatment, igniting a nostalgic curiosity in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory fans around the world.

The iconic Wonka Bar with just enough of a reveal to show audiences that if you buy a subscription to Netflix, you will have won the golden ticket of content to include all of Roald Dahl’s back catalogue.

Gemma Boss, Director

I for one will be anticipating the direction Netflix chooses to go with this iconic conceptual creative. Let’s hope they live up to the anticipation.

Paddy Myers
Digital Marketing Account Manager