Our favourite Halloween 2021 marketing campaigns

It’s that spooky time of year again, and with the evenings drawing in, the return of atmospheric misty mornings and leaves beginning to fall, our thoughts are turning to the creepiest holiday of the year – Halloween!

Not only is this a prime opportunity to dress up in our most ghastly garments and terrorise our loved ones, but it’s also a brilliant opportunity for brands to have a bit of fun and let their ghoulish hair down – and there are some cracking campaigns this year, so we thought we’d do a roundup of our favourites! Enjoy, and don’t get too scared!

Emma Cottle, Account Manager

ASDA - The Big Freakend

Kicking off our roundup is family favourite supermarket brand Asda, who have frankly earned their place in our top picks by the soundtrack and pairing of spinning pumpkin heads alone. This retail giant promises to stock everything customers need to enjoy a thoroughly spooky Halloween – and we’re sold!

Lego/Disney+ Halloween Mashup

Lego Star Wars kicked off the Disney+ “Halloweenstream” with its Halloween special, Terrifying Tales. Together with the trailer of the new spooky film, Lego Star Wars dropped a series of five shorts, each featuring a Halloween themed plot and some major Star Wars characters.

Whilst these are three of the world’s most famous brands, any brand can ramp up its power around Halloween and other holidays via clever collaborations with like-minded brands.

Crest Bring On The Candy Safe Giveaway Advert
Image Credit: Business Wire

Crest Toothpaste - Bring On The Candy

This October, Crest is giving away limited-edition #BringOnTheCandy Safes along with Crest toothpaste to customers in America, so kids across the country can enjoy their sweetie haul and their parents can have peace of mind that their little one’s teeth are protected.

Heinz – Tomato Blood

For years, condiment lovers have used HEINZ Ketchup to add deliciously convincing “blood” to their Halloween celebrations. This Halloween, HEINZ is bringing the magic to the spookiest night of the year by unleashing HEINZ Tomato Blood Ketchup at national grocery stores, opening the first-ever HEINZ Halloween Store, and making it easy to design the perfect costume with the new HEINZ Tomato Blood Costume Kit.

Sadly this campaign is in the US, but we live in hope for a UK launch next year!

Heinz Tomato Blood Advert - mummy hand holding bottle
Image Credit: Business Wire
Gemma Boss, Director

Burger King - Scary Clown Night

Burger King can usually be relied upon for capitalising on holidays as an opportunity to take a swipe at their main fast food competitor, McDonalds – and Halloween this year is so different! Using the fast food giant’s motif of the clown, Burger King twists Ronald into a sinister creature – who also can’t resist a Whopper. Burger King offered a free Whopper to the first 500 customers to visit select stores dressed as a clown.

Seen any other freaky Halloween campaigns around? We’d love to hear! Ping us an email at hello@chalkward.com