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Sony unveil their latest PlayStation logo

It is one of the most recognised brands in gaming, but what do fans think of their newest logo?

Jen Sutton, Account Manager
new Sony PlayStation 5 logo

The logo has been criticised by some for being too like the previous style

Sony have recently revealed their newest logo for their next PlayStation console at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2020.

The new logo has left some fans somewhat deflated with people taking to Twitter to comment on its similarities to their previous logos. In truth, the new icon is virtually identical to that of the PS4, PS3 and even the PS2.

With such high expectations behind the newest console, I think I can join fans in being unsurprised by the newest brand unveil. Whilst I may not be a gamer, Sony’s PlayStation can be easily identified as one of the strongest brands in the technology market. With such a strong identity already established, it makes complete sense to use what is already such an iconic logo.

When creating a logo, it is important to recognise key features that will resonate with your audience. In the case of PlayStation, their logo is recognised worldwide and for that reason, I think it makes complete sense to sit this logo amongst their others. It will be interesting to see what the console itself will look like when those visuals are released. Personally, I think for this brand, it is a much safer bet to excite their fans by revolutionising their console rather than a logo. Regardless, as expected, they made national news and were trending on Twitter so the unveiling can be considered a success on that basis.

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