Kirks Insolvency

Developing a PPC strategy to drive enquiries in new locations while optimising ROI

A South West Insolvency Practice

With offices and an established presence across the South West, Kirks Insolvency came to Chalk + Ward to develop their customer base further afield. 


The strategy

We worked together to identify key target locations across the UK, gearing budget allocation towards areas with a typically higher lifetime value. 

Competitive analysis allowed us to develop an ad strategy that would ensure Kirks stood out as a new player in the competitive market dominated by larger national brands.

The results

Over the last 12 months, the results we’ve achieved for Kirks have been transformative for the business:

  • An average account conversion rate of over 11%
  • Above-average ad engagement rate, increasing auction performance
  • Below target cost-per-acquisition
  • Significant and growing market penetration in new locations


The activity continues to deliver increasing returns and the business has recently doubled their investment in PPC.