Whatley Manor

Developing a PPC strategy to drive bookings while optimising ROI

A luxury hotel, spa & restaurant

Based in the heart of the Cotswolds, the 5* Whatley Manor hotel offers guests an award-winning spa twinned with a Michelin dining experience.

The hotel has a key focus on relaxation and wellness, something which we’ve been able to use to stand out against strong competition in the area. We worked with the hotel to create a stand-out campaign message which enabled industry-leading engagement rates at scale and lowered campaign costs.

whatley manot hotel PPC case study
whatley manor website

The strategy

The primary objective of the activity is to drive room bookings, however we’re also co-ordinating campaigns in line with other seasonal activities and offerings, such as outdoor dining or spa promotions.

By doing so, we’ve been able to generate customer numbers around the different facilities alongside changes in availability, maximising the revenue of the hotel throughout the year.

The results

Over the last 12 months we’ve worked with the hotel to:

  • Generate a PPC conversion rate that’s over 2x higher than from other referral traffic
  • Receive an engagement rate that’s 5x higher than average, increasing auction performance
  • Deliver a 1,500% ROAS across generic prospecting campaigns, that’s £15 in new customer revenue for every £1 spent


The activity continues to deliver increasing returns alongside their ambitious goals for the next 12 months.