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Brave ideas. Targeted planning. Impactful results.

“The ad Chalk + Ward put together did exactly what we needed it to do – communicate with our key audience a complex subject in an engaging and highly creative way”

Keith Ockenden  /  Head of Agriculture and Marketing  /  Mole Valley Farmers

Largest independent advertising agency

Being experts in advertising and advertising strategy was how we first grew our reputation. Growing to become the largest independent advertising agency in the South West.

This hasn’t happened by luck. It’s because of our commitment to staying ahead of the curve and an ability to create brave ads that rise above the noise.

Advertising strategy

We firmly believe that an advertisement is only as good as the strategy that goes into the brief. The best advertising creatives in the world would still produce weak concepts if the brief was poor to start with.

So, we push our clients to be brave. We don’t accept weak messages and instead challenge clients to find the USP that resonates with their audience. We identify a single-minded proposition; the motivating factor that means the difference between creating an ad that’s nothing more than pretty wallpaper and one that exceeds all expectations.

Conceptual creative

Sometimes, finding that single-minded proposition can be difficult, so we embed ourselves within a business or a sales team to understand the strategy and sales messages, or conduct market research if a project requires further insight into the target audience.

Everything we do is about identifying the most effective way to communicate a message in the right place. Our creative team have years of experience in creating powerful advertisements, with specialists in copywriting, creative design and conceptual creative.

It is this level of dedication and quality creative work that makes us the choice for many leading regional, national and international brands requiring brave and remarkable advertising.

Media planning

Just as important to a campaign’s success is the media planning. Even the most powerful advertisements can fall flat when the placement doesn’t reach the right audience effectively.

We have a team of in-house planners who have experience across all mediums. With a mixture of intelligence and industry-leading planning tools and software, they are able to pinpoint the right media channels to talk to the right audience at the right time.


Proven ROI from advertising

By working collaboratively and utilising sales data, we can test and measure media to gain further insight into how target audiences respond to an advertising campaign and how they consume media.

All of our media campaigns include detailed reports that showcase how it has contributed to the wider marketing goals. As an independent agency, we are free from bias towards specific medium or publishing houses, so we can be completely transparent in our reporting – if we don’t think an advertising campaign can deliver as it should be, we’ll say so!

Media buying power

As an advertising agency, we have a combined media buying resource of over £100 million. By putting all our volume spend together, we’re able to leverage our media buying power and achieve the best possible advertising schedules and rates. In-house marketing departments simply cannot match this.

We only work with the best, most credible media partners, all of whom we have long standing relationships with. We only use specialists in their field of media, ensuring we tap into their expertise to guarantee the best packages for our clients.

Radio, press and TV advertising

This means if you want to run a radio campaign, we’ll liaise with a specific media buyer for radio. When you buy radio advertising all day, every day, across every station, you know how to plan effectively and secure the best rates. Whether the requirement is straight airtime, sponsorships or promotions, we’ll get you the best radio package.

We adopt the same approach for all our media buying across every medium. With over 20 years of history as an advertising agency, we are specialists not just in radio, but in national press and TV advertising too. We’re not just looking to buy media at the lowest rate – we’re looking to buy the media that generates the greatest return on investment for our clients.

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