Brave ideas. Targeted planning. Impactful results.

Largest independent advertising agency

Being experts in advertising and the strategy that sits behind it was how we first grew our reputation. We’ve since grown to become the largest independent advertising agency in the Southwest.

This hasn’t happened by luck. It’s down to our commitment to challenge the brief and encourage brands to be brave, combined with our creative ability to develop ads that rise above the noise.

The big idea

Media spend isn’t cheap, so it warrants great creative work to ensure the best chance of it succeeding.

Our experienced creative team are genuine, ‘Big Idea’ advertising thinkers. They create ads with a powerful hook. We call it the single-minded proposition. The one, powerful reason why the potential customer should respond to the advertisement as we would want, delivered via a clever and impactful creative concept that hits the mark.

Basically, a ‘Big Idea’ can make your ad spend feel bigger than it actually is!

Buying with confidence

Just as important as the creative is the media planning.

Even the most powerful advertisement can fall flat when the channel doesn’t reach the right audience effectively.

We are experienced in media buying across all mediums – both on and offline. We’re able to identify the right channel to talk to the right audience at the right time. And we work with budgets of all sizes.

We’re not just looking to buy media at the lowest rate – we’re looking to buy the media that generates the greatest return on investment for our clients.

Test, measure, respond

By utilising your sales data, we can test and measure engagement levels to gain further insight into how target audiences are responding to your advertising campaign and the chosen media.

As an independent agency, we are free from bias towards a specific medium. If we don’t think an advertising campaign will deliver the desired results, we’ll advise you not to do it and look at an alternative way to drive growth.

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“The ad Chalk + Ward put together did exactly what we needed it to do – communicate with our key audience a complex subject in an engaging and highly creative way”

Keith Ockenden / Head of Agriculture and Marketing / Mole Valley Farmers