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Branding Strategy

“We really appreciate the transparency and strategic thinking of Chalk + Ward. Their recommendations when it came to create this fresh brand identity has ensured we achieve exactly what we set out to do; retain the loyalty of existing customers while continuing to grow the Hanlons brand and business.”


Jim Bungard  /  Co-Owner of Hanlons Brewery

Brand Positioning

It is essential to be clear on a brand’s position and what it stands for in the market. A customer’s buying decision could be based on reassurance, or heritage, or quality, or any other myriad factors, so a strong and consistent brand strategy will always win against the weaker, confused brand of a competitor.

An interesting test is to ask staff what the brand stands for and if you receive a multitude of different answers, then you know there is no distinct positioning or if there is, it’s not being communicated properly.  And if staff don’t know, what are your customers thinking?

Core Values

For brands lacking a strong brand positioning, we run a proprietary Core Values project – a collaborative, thought provoking session that provides clarity over the brand’s purpose, values and messaging.

Brand Clarity

We help clarify what a brand truly stands for, distilling this into two or three core values, providing a platform for a consistent and focused message, both internally and externally.

Without this, it is impossible to make recommendations to progress a brand and the business behind it.

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