It’s more than just a logo! Branding starts with strategy.
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Our Process

When people think about a brand they usually think ‘logo’ but this creates the misperception that it’s the most important aspect of a brand. Yes it’s important but the reality is so much more.

A brand is made up of many tangibles and intangibles which can impact how your brand is perceived and engaged with by customers, stakeholders and your own staff.

Our experience

Our experience of brands is diverse, from developing brand positioning to reviewing brand architecture, from managing start-ups to merger/acquisition strategies, from rebrands to planning international brand strategies.

Whatever stage of life your brand is at, the strategy behind it is integral to its growth and success, so this is always where we start.

“We really appreciate the transparency and strategic thinking of Chalk + Ward. Their recommendations when it came to create this fresh brand identity has ensured we achieve exactly what we set out to do; retain the loyalty of existing customers while continuing to grow the Hanlons brand and business.”

Jim Bungard / Co-Owner / Hanlons Brewery