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Discover which businesses are visiting your website and turn those hits into leads

If someone looks at your website it’s fair to assume they’re interested in your product or service but if they don’t make an enquiry, you’ve no way of knowing who they are. An unknown visitor to your website is a lost sales opportunity.

Not anymore. As the largest independent marketing agency in the South West, Chalk & Ward can now track and identify the businesses and organisations that visit your website, allowing you to turn formally unknown traffic into instant leads.

Imagine the benefits. Someone looks at a specific product or service on your site and you can know exactly who is interested and what they’re interested in. Then it’s over to your sales team to make contact and convert the lead.

How does it work?

Once we’ve got you set-up and the right code installed on your website HTML (which can be supplied directly to your website company), we can start recording visits immediately.

You choose the frequency of reports you want whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly. The reports will give you:

Business name

Business address

Website URL and company description

Contact number

Contact email (wherever available)

Pages viewed

Time on site

Traffic / Referral source

You’ll receive all the traffic data but our digital marketing experts will add value by analysing it all and clearly highlighting the ‘hottest’ leads for you to follow up on. These leads are based on a strategic understanding of what web activity constitutes a definite interest in your site. You’ll also have access to a dedicated account manager who will be on hand to assist with any problems or questions.

What does it cost?

Really very little for the sales opportunities you can get. We’re also so confident of the service that we won’t tie you into a contract so you can stop the service at any time if it’s not right for you.

  • Daily Reporting
  • You will receive 5 reports per week


  • Weekly Reporting
  • You will receive 1 report per week


  • Monthly Reporting
  • You will receive 1 report per month

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