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Strategic PR

Well-executed Public Relations is one of the most cost-effective and successful ways of communicating with your target audience; but, in order to give real context to your message, you need great PR and that starts with a PR strategy.

A strategic approach to PR is one which is grounded in research and planning, without this level of thinking PR can create noise but with very little results!

This is not to say that ad-hoc communications aren’t valuable – in fact, there should be business agility to respond to the national mood, the media, unexpected changes to the company or the environment it operates in – but this alone cannot form the basis of a strategic PR plan.

PR strategy components

A PR strategy should spell out how it will contribute to achieving a client’s overall and specific goals. In other words, the purpose, focus and direction of the communication strategy should be laid out.

We consider the following core components when developing a PR strategy:

  • We research your company; we look at current messaging and target audiences. This includes identifying stakeholders (both internal and external) and assessing the quality of existing relationships and perceptions.
  • We define measurable communication objectives that support and help to drive the business vision, mission, and purpose.
  • We consider content creation and storytelling that contributes directly to the communication objectives.
  • We select appropriate media (on and offline) for the distribution of content.
  • We plan original campaigns that drive your purpose and will engage target audiences.
  • We undertake horizon scanning to identify potential issues and risks and prepare relevant crisis communications. This exercise also identifies opportunities for the business.
  • We put into place monitoring and evaluating programs to measure ROI.