Sweet new branding!

Cadbury has undertaken its first major rebrand in 50 years. But what do we think?

Alister Tickle | Creative Director
Cadbury brand logo

What's changed

Cadbury has undertaken its first major rebrand in 50 years. Although the packaging has evolved over this time, 2020 marks the introduction of a new refined and more elegant take on the traditional Cadbury signature logo along with an evolved packaging design.

Although the old Cadbury logo was absolutely fine, this new iteration feels more refined and takes more of a lead from John Cadbury’s original signature. I’m still undecided about the lack of a slant, but this really does not a make or break the logo and I can imagine the majority of consumers will not notice the changes.

The packaging evolution includes some redrawn iconography, typography and a new pattern tinted into the background.

Image Credit: wearebulletproof.com

The details

The glasses of milk are now vector drawings which work so much better and are a huge improvement over the old treatment. As is the way they interact with chunks of chocolate which feel as though they are sat on the packaging, a nice touch.

Personally, the bolder type is perhaps overly heavy but the weight contrasts nicely against the new identity and I like the way the curves and sweeps hark back to previous fonts and of course the ribbon on some of the original Dairy Milk branding. This is also reflected in the new pattern which is tinted into the background. These are crisp, modern and beautifully crafted illustrations and are a nice personalisation to the branding evolution.

Image Credit: wearebulletproof.com

Cadbury Chocolate Chunks

The verdict

Evolving and improving a brand which is so ingrained in our lives can be a tricky balancing act, but I feel this has been delivered skillfully. Whilst it’s not a massive departure, it moves the brand forward and has been treated with some real subtlety. Overall, sweet!