+The Chalk + Ward Wellbeing Way

The year of a Time to Change

Chalk + Ward is making 2019 the year of a Time To Change. It’s easy for businesses to concentrate solely on their customer’s successes with staff wellbeing often coming second. However, in 2019 we’re changing our focus to ensure that it is not only customers that are treated with kindness and made to feel special, but our amazing team too.

Supporting our team

In truth, we started this drive last year winning the Devon & Cornwall Venus Award for Employer of the Year and The Exeter Better Work Place award for Best Space for Wellbeing. Our next step is to further our commitment to the wellbeing of our team by recognising and talking about mental health. We recognise that 1 in 4 people may suffer from mental health issues so we want to make sure we can support anyone in our team who faces these problems.

The Time To Change Pledge

To help us on our way we have committed to the Time to Change campaign supported by the charities, Mind and Rethink Mental Health. Signing their pledge drives the changes we need to make to how we think and act about mental health in the workplace. Recognising that mental health and physical health are equally important to our wellbeing is getting talked about across the team. Our Payday breakfast was a great start to our conversations!

Developing a shift

Developing this shift takes time and needs subtle yet significant changes to allow people to be their best – so a new performance approach, staff mentoring, effective workload planning and promoting a shared vision of where the company is going are a few of the other things we are looking at developing in 2019 to keep our work environment a great place to be working in.

Little changes that make a huge difference

However, we love the little changes that we know make a huge difference to our wellbeing in the working day. Things like taking time for a power walk to recharge the brain, time for a coffee to chat about a tricky project and enjoying Friday wind down drinks. Plus, having thoughtful treats when someone seems a tad overwhelmed can make a massive difference to someone’s stress levels.

Being part of the movement

Time To Change is a great movement of over 900 employers in England who recognises that businesses need to keep staff as well as customers happy. We are delighted to be part of it and see a lot more gratitude and kindness sprinkled around the Chalk + Ward team this year!

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