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The importance of emotional impact and connection through marketing campaigns

Creating an emotional resonance with consumers is so important when creating an effective marketing campaign. We discuss a new ad released from Xfinity and Sky who’ve presented a message around technology bringing people together.


Emily Walton, Junior Designer

Sky Xfinity E.T Advert

Connecting through technology

You may have seen the recent ad that both Sky and Xfinity have created. It’s not quite a sequel, but showcases E.T. and Elliot finally reuniting 37 years later. The message surrounding the ad is how technology brings people together. It recreates many of the nostalgic scenes from the original film, including the bicycle ride in the sky and E.T.’s first interactions with startled children. The goal was to show how Xfinity and Sky technology connects family, friends and loved ones, which is so important during the holidays. The classic friendship between E.T. and Elliott resonates around the world, and their story becomes a very meaningful way to bring the brands’ consumer technology to life.

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