The International Women’s Day Campaigns that got us all talking

This year’s International Women’s Day was bigger than ever. Here’s some of our favourite campaigns that really got us thinking!

Jenna Rees - Account Executive
Two women looking into microscope

Break the Bias

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 8th March and aims not only to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women but also raise awareness and call for change in the still present gender equality gap. Why is this important? Without a strong movement, the trajectory for change slows. The call for diversity and representation is not just relevant to gender and the louder we shout the closer we come to living in a more balanced world.

The theme for this year’s Women’s Day was ‘Break the Bias’, an angle chosen to highlight the conscious and sub-conscious stereotyping and bias people of all genders are guilty of. Around the world, organisations have created inspiring campaigns that speak to their audience and show they value and reflect equality concerns.

CPB London: Imagine

CPB London’s campaign really leaves an impression and delivers a powerful message; nearly all of us are capable of subconscious bias.

This campaign challenges us to become more aware of and confront our unconscious bias in order to achieve gender equality. It helps us to understand that our bias can be insidious and is the result of the world around us that forms our opinion even from a young age.

CPB London: Imagine campaign
Image Credit: CPB London

Channel 4: #LetHerFinish

Following research that men interrupt women 33% more, Channel 4 coins its term ‘Manterruption’.

It highlights the very common but often unacknowledged scenes of females being unable to finish their sentences due to men butting in, this is particularly prevalent for news presenters.

Chalk and Ward: Celebrating our Clients

Not to big ourselves up too much but we have some amazing clients! We wanted to give a shameless shout out to two of our clients, South West Water and Nexus Open Systems who we helped create International Women’s Day campaigns to celebrate their openness and diversity.

We are incredibly proud that Team Chalk + Ward represents equality with 50% female representation including two Board Directors! However, as we reflect on International Women’s Day 2022, we realise there is still work to be done to help elevate women in our current times so we’ll continue to play our part in creating positive change.