Thinking smarter with Google

We take a look at the new resources Google have released to help businesses keep up with the ever-changing consumer behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Abigail Crisp | Digital Account Executive
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Rising retail categories

Consumer behaviour has always been known to fluctuate throughout the days, weeks, and months of the year. This can largely (though not exclusively) be tracked and pinpointed to key dates such as school holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and New Year. Tools like Google Trends also allow us to track and monitor emerging searches and topics. However, in such a volatile and ever-changing retail landscape Google has created a faster and more reactive solution.

Think with Google

Think with Google allows us to see trending retail categories as they emerge in Google search results, their locations and what queries are associated with them. You are also able to see the percentage of change over a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. This information is highly valuable for those businesses looking to innovate and change their offering to reflect the current climate. By consistently reviewing what users consider important to them from day to day and week to week, businesses may be able to identify areas to expand into or adapt to as the situation continues to evolve.

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