Working through this together

We’re all going the extra mile to support one another and think outside the box. By developing a series of marketing packages, we hope we’re doing our bit to back the business community through these tough, unpredictable times. We know it’s not going to save the world, but it’s a small step in the right direction and small steps all add up to giant leaps!

Rescue marketing packages

Business owners and senior leadership teams have been firefighting and making tough choices over staffing and finances these past few weeks and with no experience of anything of this level in our history. We think we’ve all done a pretty good job of surviving and dealing with the rapid pace of change so far.

There is absolutely no denying these are tough times for businesses of all sizes and across all sectors. Every business has been hit and that includes us, we haven’t escaped the fall out of Covid19 at Chalk + Ward either. However, thankfully we’ve still got creativity and strategic thinking at our core, neither have been compromised in anyway, we won’t allow it to be and, in all honesty, it’s what’s been keeping us sane!

In a bid to help businesses through these lockdown phases, we’ve developed a series of marketing packages to support in whichever way we can. If you’ve had to furlough staff but you still need to keep things ticking over, you can tap into our marketing resources either free of charge or at value-based rates.

We’re happy to work to short term contracts or one-off projects and we can be agile and flexible to your bespoke needs, so if any of these packages aren’t 100% right for your business just give us a call and we can have a chat about working through this together and getting out the other side. And it goes without saying that all these services are available at a social distance – to ensure the safety of your team and ours.

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Free website assessment

Unsurprisingly, since lockdown there have been massive shifts in online behaviour, these shifts will continue whilst we ease out of restrictions and likely completely shape the way we engage with brands online moving forward.

Whether you’re a business who is one of the fortunate few and booming during this time, or like the majority holding the fort and planning a way out of this, whatever your position you definitely want to be considering how your website performs and how it needs to function to handle the inevitable online behavioural changes heading your way.

We have seen significant spikes in digital activity from our clients all looking to make maximum use of their downtime to invest in their online presence. To help kick start your thinking and how you might adapt your website (or indeed your business!) to handle these changes and create opportunities for growth we are offering a free of charge website review. There are no strings attached and the findings of the assessment could prove invaluable in driving your online presence forward. Now’s the time to think about it, not when we get back out the other side!

Call us today if you are interested in a free website assessment, or click on the link below for a few hints and tips to improve website performance which you might find useful.

Complimentary consultancy for high risk and vulnerable sectors

These unprecedented times are tough on each and every one of us, but for some, it’s harder and the future looks even more uncertain. We genuinely want to do whatever we can to support high risk and vulnerable sectors, so if you are a charity, retailer or operating in the travel, tourism, or hospitality trade we want to lend our support.

We’re offering a free consultancy session (up to ½ day) to discuss how and what you can do to see your business through these tough times. You can use this session to sound us out on any concerns you have, any problems you’re experiencing, any ideas you were considering and are perhaps fearful of undertaking now and we can share our views and ideas on how best you can respond to these challenges and help to re-focus on the future.

The session would be run by two of our highly-skilled consultants and supported by other team members if it is appropriate to bring them in and everything would be conducted in the strictest confidence.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re in this together and here to help.

Encouraging change
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Short-term outsourced marketing & creative support

From an extra pair of hands to support your marketing team to the outsourcing of an entire marketing function for a short-term contract, from Marketing Director to Marketing Executive level we can cover the lot and provide these services.

We’re not suggesting we take things over for the long-term, we’re simply here to lend support if and where we can, to see you through the next few months or until the point you bring your marketing team back. At that point we will provide a full handover to your team, so they’re back up and running in a smooth, coherent way assuring no dip in service levels to your customers.

Whatever your short-term marketing or creative requirements, please call us and we can chat through our support options and how best to work together, or click on the link below for more info on outsourced marketing.

Short-term PR support

We always work with our PR clients on a retainer level; however, we understand that it’s unlikely you’d want to be taking on an extra committed overhead during these times, so we’ve looked at how we can do things differently and how our PR specialists can help support your business.

If you’ve made the decision to furlough your PR team, we’re offering our PR services without the need for a contract and as a short-term measure to keep your voice active and audiences engaged.

From one-off press releases and longer pieces of editorial to blogs and internal communications, we can offer content that is expertly crafted and turned around to tight deadlines by writers with many years of media expertise and a passion for storytelling.

We can also set up a virtual press office – taking the pressure off you and ensuring your message gets out to secure much-needed coverage in these challenging times.

In addition, we are available to share our expertise in crisis communications – whether that means dealing with a rapidly unfolding media scenario or planning for an unforeseen challenge.

Whatever your PR requirements, please call us and we can chat through PR support options and how best to work together.

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Optimised content bundle

We completely understand the need to manage overheads during these times, but we’d encourage you not to reduce or cut back on your SEO and social media activity. It’s important to keep your website optimised, content fresh and customers engaged during these times to ensure you don’t fall behind your competitors.

We’re all taking on extra workload and new tasks to see us through, so if you’re struggling with content writing, simply don’t have the time, haven’t given it any thought, or have furloughed staff who usually do this then please call us as we have a team of experienced digital marketers who can assist in the creation of blogs, online articles, web pages, newsletter features and social media content. We have several value-based content bundles which might be of interest and help see you through until you can get resource back in-house, please call us and we can chat through our bundle options.

Half price social media audit

With the surge in online behaviour and social engagement, it’s important you’re maximising on this opportunity to reach wider and emerging audiences. We’re finding with several of our clients they are now appealing to a more diverse range of audiences, likely being driven by lockdown and perhaps a sign of consumer behavioural change heading our way?

As we’re all well aware social media forms an integral part of any marketing mix and daily management can be heavy on internal resources which is why it’s really important to ensure you’re using staff time and budget in the most effective way to engage with relevant audiences. It’s all very well having thousands of followers but what’s the reality behind those numbers – how much love have they really got for your brand?

Now could be a prudent time to audit your social media, to really understand how well you perform and how you compare against both your direct competitors and other affiliated lifestyle brands your followers will also be following and most importantly engaged with.

We’re offering a half-price social media audit for any business who feel they could benefit from this. Our findings will be presented by our digital marketing team via Zoom and we’d provide you with a detailed social media audit report which will focus on the frequency of posts, levels of engagement and content themes, as well as identifying key influencers for your brand and existing brand advocates.

The report will provide recommendations for your team to undertake in-house, alternatively, if you’re light on resource and need an extra pair of hands to make this happen we can sort this for you. Please call us if you’d like to find out more about the audit or just a general chat about your social media strategy – we’d like to hear from you!

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New start up package

For some, lockdown is providing an opportunity to tap into creativity and seek new opportunities. With extra thinking time, we’re finding clients are using this to innovate, differentiate and diversify their business, or to tackle a project which has been hanging around for a while in a completely different way – it’s a positive feeling to be productive during a pandemic!

We want to help nurture those positive vibes and we encourage proactivity, so we’ve developed a ‘Start-Up Branding Package’ to provide you with all the tools you need to get up and running during lockdown. It’s exceptionally good value and includes; up to 4 logo designs, development of brand strapline, brand guidelines document, full IP, stationary package, website, website CMS training, 12 months website hosting and social media platform set up – all for £7k!

We’d love to hear what you’re developing in lockdown so please get in contact and sound us out, we’re all ears and here to support.