+My work experience at Chalk + Ward

We recently had a young lady named Ellie join us for agency work experience placement. She was a pleasure to have in the office and impressed all of us with how willing she was to learn about working for a creative agency like Chalk + Ward. We asked her to write a blog about her time here and how she’d found the experience.

By doing my work experience placement at the insightful company that Chalk + Ward is, I gained a whole different perspective of the world that we live in. It allowed me to see the detail of the thought process behind advertising, which I would have never have had access to before; due to this I can now appreciate the relevance of having an online presence, public relations and the importance of creativity in the 21st century.

I am 15 years old and from Budleigh Salterton, and attending work experience for a week is a key aspect to my education. Finding somewhere to go was hard however after a family friend and loyal customer of Chalk & Ward recommended them as a possible placement, I decided to visit their website. The first impression it gave me was that they are a successful advertising company, who mean business.

“Chalk + Ward have steadily become the largest advertising company in the South West” - this is a huge achievement for any company so I decided to apply for a placement with them. From viewing the work displayed on their website it is evident that they have worked with a variety of companies. These range from multi-million pound business such as P&O cruises to local attractions like Buckfast Abbey. Before even coming to Chalk + Ward I could see that they are a creative, unique company, and have been involved in a range of inspiring projects.

Due to how professional the company’s website was, I was very nervous to spend the week with them. However after meeting the team it was soon clear that they are friendly, welcoming people, who care about the company they are working for. Being with the team at Chalk + Ward taught me that there is more to advertising than meets the eye. I was extremely impressed with all of their work and could see that there are meanings, reasons and a lot of thought behind everything they do, making me appreciate the care that is put into each piece of work. By working here I could establish that there are so many different layers to advertising and you are never short of things to do.

This week has been a unique experience that has enabled me to have an insider’s view into the world of advertising. However, not only have Chalk + Ward taught me about advertising and public relations, they have also educated me on what life in the working world is like, which I would have never gotten access to at school. I am very grateful for how they have helped me this week and I am sure that the time I’ve spent with them will be useful in my future career.

We didn’t even try to influence her or anything, we promise. Naturally, we were delighted to see Ellie had some nice things to say about us (we like to think we’re a pretty friendly bunch), but we were even more pleased to see that she found the experience worthwhile. We would wish Ellie good luck, but quite honestly if this week was anything to go by, she won’t be needing it!

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