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A TV ad that oozed luxury and prestige. The perfect combination for P&O
P&O Cruises: TV Advertising Campaign

The Client P&O Cruises first set sail in 1837 and have been a staple of British tourism ever since. With 7 ships, P&O offer cruises to all ages from the UK to a host of destinations. The Challenge This was a self-initiated brief to help the client save money, increase control and manage consistency of […]

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An A-Z of Social Media Terms

As much as social media platforms are designed to provide interactions between friends and family, they are becoming an increasingly important tool for businesses to be found and communicate with both the public and their customers. Social media allows for increased creativity throughout every communicable aspect of branding and marketing messages, not forgetting the potential […]

Digital Marketing Terms: An A-Z Guide

Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of services in order to convert users into customers and here at Chalk & Ward the digital team utilise these on a daily basis. With so many different technologies, terms and tools we thought that the creation of a glossary of digital marketing terms would be a handy thing […]

The A-Z of PPC Terms

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising allows businesses to appear for any keyword by bidding to have targeted ads appear within Google search results when a specific keyword is triggered. Businesses only pay a fee when a user or customer clicks the ad and is taken to a predetermined page within the website, usually one with set calls […]