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A TV ad that oozed luxury and prestige. The perfect combination for P&O
P&O Cruises: TV Advertising Campaign

The Client P&O Cruises first set sail in 1837 and have been a staple of British tourism ever since. With 7 ships, P&O offer cruises to all ages from the UK to a host of destinations. The Challenge This was a self-initiated brief to help the client save money, increase control and manage consistency of […]

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mobile friendly
Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

It may not be a question that you are often asked, but it is now a very important one as from April 21st, Google have announced that they will be including ‘mobile-friendliness’ as a ranking factor for all mobile searches. This means that sites which are mobile friendly (responsive) will appear higher in mobile search […]

Jacobs club tv advertising
Celebrity recording in progress… do not disturb

Warning: Chalk & Ward are not liable for any of the following ad tunes getting stuck in your head. Who remembers this catchy tune… Or the campaign behind these rapping farmers?  If you can, then it’s clear that the advertising has done its job properly. And if you can’t remember the Club ad, then you’re […]

Hit Leads
Chalk & Ward are proud to present… Hit Leads

Nothing we do on the internet is a secret. It is widely known that companies like Google have the ability to trace what people are searching for and looking at. Using tools like Google Analytics enables us to see how long someone has spent on a page, how they got there in the first place […]