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“Our new website was always going to be a huge project. As usual this project was meticulously planned and thought through but ultimately was very much a partnership working in tandem throughout. We are all immensely proud of what has been achieved and everybody involved deserves immense credit. All boxes well and truly ticked and then some.”


Andy Woodward  /  Sales & Marketing Director  /  Van Guard

Marketing your business online through Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. From the platforms and apps people use to the algorithms dictating search engines, things can change in an instant.

What will always remain, however, are the core principles behind digital marketing. How to communicate a brand or business message with powerful and effective digital marketing through the use of content and advertising, whatever the channel.


Web design & development

A website is perhaps the single most important part of a brand marketing strategy. It’s the shop window to a business and you have just 5 seconds before users decide if they’ll be engaged or go to a competitor’s site.

We approach websites in a strategic way, working with clients to identify how users wish to engage with their sites, then develop the content and functions to achieve this. We create stylish, slick websites and have development experience with e-commerce platforms, extranets, stock management systems, apps and CRM integrations.


Search Engine Optimisation

All of our websites follow SEO best practice, ensuring increased online visibility and improving user experience. In addition to the websites we build, we also looks to consistently improve page rankings and online results for our clients’ existing websites.

We undertake in-depth research to understand products and audiences to identify the right keywords, before implementing tactics that increase search traffic and improve conversion rates.

Because SEO constantly evolves, our team ensure they have industry-leading knowledge, developing bespoke digital marketing strategies for a business. Our approach is to continually test, refine, measure and adapt in order to build a fluid, evolving SEO strategy.

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Content marketing

Everyone has a different definition but ours is simple: content is the currency of the internet. Search engines and social media news feeds prioritise good content, as audiences seek out brands that provide value.

We create detailed content marketing strategies by undertaking comprehensive audits so that we can understand target audiences and, most importantly, what they respond to. Our team of creative thinkers then get creating, whether it’s social media, blogs, video, live streaming, podcasts or any of the countless emerging technologies on the horizon.

Social media marketing & advertising

Social media can be a bit of an umbrella term for a myriad of platforms, apps and websites. It’s not just a token Facebook page – effective social media marketing responds to the needs of businesses and customers.

Our social media marketing strategists understand the role each platform can play in achieving business goals. Some platforms support lead generation, whilst others are more suited to brand awareness. It’s about building a real ‘social’ network where you can communicate, listen and engage directly with customers.

Our services range from strategy development to implementation and training, ensuring that we can support client’s social media marketing regardless of company resource and structure. Learn more about our social media marketing offering.


PPC Campaigns

Creating a successful Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is an art as much as it is a science. It requires the creativity to compose compelling online adverts, an analytical mind to make sure they appear in the right places and deep strategic knowledge to create landing pages that guide conversion.

Our digital marketing team has experience in managing PPC campaigns for a broad range of clients, with a sizable combined budget. We work with both large and small businesses across diverse sectors, building robust and bespoke strategies regardless of business or target audience.

Continual testing and refinement ensures our clients always get the best results possible – PPC is an ongoing process of improvement and learning. We communicate fully with our clients to ensure they know what is happening and why at all times, with results that speak for themselves.  Find out how our PPC and online advertising expertise can help your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be one of the most powerful marketing channels – it’s targeted, cost effective and can communicate with customers at scale in an instant.

We use personalised, dynamic content and database segmentation to create compelling email campaigns, getting to the heart of audiences and nudging them in the right direction, wherever they are in their customer journey. Precise analytics tell us what messages worked, reporting on open rates, click-through rates, conversions and then adapting accordingly.

As a full service agency, we are capable of managing the entire broadcast and review process, with a design team who specialise in building striking and responsive newsletters, or templates to suit requirements. Alternatively, we can train in-house teams, or simply work with a client’s existing email platform – our flexibility ensures that we can support email marketing, whatever the need.

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“Chalk + Ward have been instrumental in the launch and ongoing development of the Kirks Insolvency website. Their SEO work has meant we’ve also seen a significant increase in relevant traffic to the website, resulting in regular new business leads. I would recommend them to any company looking to improve their digital strategy.”

David Kirk - Kirks Insolvency

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