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“Chalk + Ward Public Relations helped raise the visibility of our business, both offline and online. They generated regional and trade coverage, helped us leverage our award wins and helped build our online community and following.”

Andy Woodward  /  Sales and Marketing Director  /  Van Guard

PR strategy

Public Relations need to be highly strategic and integrated with the rest of a client’s marketing. To resonate with audiences, the story needs to be authentic and echo across all communications.

Without a core PR strategy clients cannot fully support their business objectives or demonstrate clear value and return on investment.

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Outsourced PR office

Brands now operate in a complex, fragmented media environment. Our job is to help identify the right channels and design creative campaigns that engage audiences.

We offer a full service portfolio, so wherever clients need to reach audiences, we can deliver. We are capable of offering bolt-on services, or can even act as an outsourced PR office. At its core, understanding people and how to influence them is what we do.

PR events

PR and events go hand-in-hand. They’re a great tool to build awareness and get people talking about businesses but they need to be about more than canapes and prosecco.

An effective PR event can create a real social buzz and secure valuable media coverage. As PR experts, we work with media publications every day. We create events that will be of interest to their audience, making an impact both online and offline.

We are adept in ensuring PR event feeds into marketing strategy, offering insight into data capture, lead generation and conversion. From seminars and networking events to celebrations and fundraisers, we can turn events into a functioning, strategic arm of our client’s marketing.

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Creative content

At its heart, PR has always been about storytelling. It’s about finding the ‘big idea’ that engages the audience and gets the business noticed so they stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Understanding audiences and how to influence them, online and offline, is at the heart of what we do. We work with brands both large and small to create compelling content that engages people and gets them talking.

Whether communicated through a press release, blog, whitepaper, video, infographic or social media, we need to have something worth saying in the first place. We generate fresh ideas, deliver creative campaigns and use our network of contacts to deliver real results.

Digital PR

The digital marketplace is often an untapped opportunity for businesses. For a business to succeed, it needs an effective online presence and a team that understands online communications.

Digital communication is so much more than simply a Facebook page or a Twitter profile. It needs to be on the right platforms, seeing returns from online and social media activity. This involves auditing digital activity and developing effective strategies that demonstrate a real return on investment – not just likes and follows.

We offer social media development and management, with a focus on amplifying reach beyond websites or social media platforms, through blogger and influencer outreach campaigns. We know what should be said and, most importantly, where to make an impression with audiences.

Digital PR

Crisis and reputation management

In the social media age, no one controls the news agenda. That means there isn’t a PR agency in the world that can guarantee clients won’t face a communication crisis. But with the right preparation, the story can be controlled.

The most effective communication strategies begin far before a crisis ever does hit. Our PR experts can undertake thorough horizon scanning, identifying potential crises, helping clients prepare effective responses should anything ever arise.

We also advise on robust systems and communication procedures, enabling them to respond swiftly and effectively. Specialising in crisis training, reputation management and role-playing, we make sure employees are never thrown into an unknown situation. This can be the difference in cutting a story at its source or letting it get out of control.

Media training

The best communication strategy can still fall at the first hurdle if businesses are unable to deliver their key messages with clarity, control and confidence during initial interactions with the press.

Media training isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, which is why we construct highly detailed, bespoke courses with former journalists and PR experts. This makes the most of media opportunities and instils confidence in key staff.

Our media training packages develop the confidence to tackle complex and contentious issues, stay in control and deliver your key messages. With our input, clients are able to proactively engage with the media. Ensuring that what gets published aligns with what they actually want their audience to see.

Travel and tourism

Chalk + Ward specialises in travel and tourism PR consultancy. We represent some of the South West’s most outstanding holiday destinations, hotels and attractions. The PR team has proven experience in shaping perceptions and building brands.

Before starting any campaign we research your target audience so we can create messages that resonate and use channels that work. Whilst column inches are still important we also understand the value of social influencer campaigns. Chalk + Ward have strong relationships with journalists as well as online influencers. Our PR services range from organising press trips and writing copy to creating compelling social media campaigns and everything in between.

Experienced in response and crisis management, our team have supported clients through legal investigations, health and safety issues and cyber-attack. Find out more about our Crisis Communications services.

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