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Standout Marketing Moments in 2015


Standout Marketing Moments in 2015 Looking back at 2015, it quickly becomes clear that a good deal of standout marketing moments are generated virally and through social media. If it’s not a photo of Kim Kardashian breaking the internet (or the new Kim Kardashian emoji’s – Kimoji’s), it’s the dress that divided the world because […]

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Sound…Are You Thinking About It Enough?


On Thursday 5th November, a couple of the account management team here at Chalk & Ward headed up to Bristol to attend the RadioWorks open day. Greeted with tea, coffee and croissants (which went down a treat!) at the Arnolfini centre in Bristol, the event consisted of 3 speakers (with an extra appearance from Downsy […]

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Hands up who loves a digital show?


Who doesn’t enjoy a good show? Particularly when it’s a digital show! On 13th May, 3 members of our digital team headed off to the Big Smoke to attend the Mid-Term Digital Marketing show. The world of digital is evolving and changing so quickly, it is vital to us to make sure we stay on top of […]

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Brand Experience, not just a fad

Seeing is no longer believing; brands are now believed when they are ‘experienced’


A brand can be viewed and implemented from many different perspectives. One traditional assumption is that a brand is just a logo and identifier, namely seeing the brand, whilst others now see a brand as a rich source of cognitive, affective and sensory associations created through various forms of communication, namely experiences. Here at Chalk […]

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Exeter Chiefs v Cardiff Blues

Making our mark in the Heineken Cup


Before you read any further, this is not an announcement that Chalk & Ward are upping sticks, moving the goalposts and kicking into touch the advertising part of our business and becoming a professional rugby team! At a recent rugby match/demolition, Exeter Chiefs 44-29 Cardiff Blues, in which Robert Chalk & Stacy Hill were ‘treating’ […]

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KFC and the poorly translated slogan

‘Eat your fingers off’: Getting Marketing Right Abroad


You’re finally on holiday after the last few hectic months at work. Well-deserved you feel. Maybe you’ll let yourself go a bit, treat yourself to a bag of Walkers Ready Salted crisps while you sit by the pool, soaking up the sun. But what’s this? You see a crisp packet that looks almost identical to […]

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Facebook Advertising, is it for your business?

The Rise & Rise of Facebook Advertising


Facebook boasts over one billion active users and the social network holds a huge amount of data about each of these users. This wealth of data is what makes Facebook such a unique advertising platform, and one that businesses should take advantage of. Why Use Facebook Advertising? Facebook enables you to directly target your desired […]

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